A modern inquiry into self-knowledge and the pursuit of happiness. Since it's theatrical and TV release, Higher Self (Eu Maior) has become Brazil's feature documentary with the largest number of views on YouTube and the country's crowdfunding record holder in its class.

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A Very Long Life

A Feature documentary on the challenges and opportunities brought upon us by an Age of increasing longevity. Soon, old age will no longer be the exception, but the rule. It's time to embrace a new narrative of aging. Production set to continue in early 2023.

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Creatives in Focus

A Documentary series on the creative process of renowned Brazilian filmmakers. Featuring 13 half-hour episodes, each focusing on a specific filmmaker and his or her creative contribution to the audiovisual art. Premiering in 2022.

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Documentary series on love and individualism in the 21st century. Featuring 8 half-hour episodes, premiering in 2021. Passion, sex, jealousy and solitude are also themes discussed in the series, helmed by renowned psychiatrist Flávio Gikovate.

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About us

Catalisadora Audiovisual is committed to telling stories that will inspire audiences and catalyze changes that will make our lives better and the world a more beautiful place. The production company's roster of projects includes documentary and fiction features and series. Alongside the documentary projects already in progress, Catalisadora has three fiction features in development.

The Schultz Brothers

For 20 years, Paulo and Fernando lived in the US, where they went to film school and began their professional careers. Now back in their home-country, Brazil, the brothers continue producing award-winning projects for national and international audiences. Through the years, Paulo and Fernando developed a talent for telling profound stories with an approachable, entertaining, and often poetic touch.


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